Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nash is 3!

Nash recently turned three and we couldn't be more pumped to have this guy in our family. He is pretty shy in public so I thought I'd share one thing about him for each month he's been alive.

1.  Nash is a spaz.

2.  Nash is a Momma's boy.

Grampa Buck trying to grab Nash from Cerise for a second.

3.  Nash calls crepes "Ice Cream Burritos".

4.  Nash calls S'mores "Fire Cakes".

5.  Nash calls banana peels "Banana Blankets".

6.  The most amazing thing to Nash right now is animals wearing clothes.

"Mama! That dog is wearing a JACKET! Just like ME!"

7.  Nash laughs really really hard at Calvin's jokes.

8.  The other day Nash pointed to some other guy's forehead at the store and very loudly said, "Heeey, that's not MY forehead! Thaaat's HIS forehead!" Nash says these kinds of things all day everyday and it makes Cerise so nervous in public.

9.  Nash loves Aunt Wendy a lot. She visited us for a few days and he went through serious Aunt Wendy withdrawals after she left.

Ballin' with Wendy Wahlen...

Bawlin' without Wendy Wahlen.

10.  Nash talks about "airplanes" all day, but calls them "Power Birds" sometimes:  "Papa's flying to Guatemala like a Power Bird, ON a POWER BIRD!!"

11.  For about 2-3 weeks after Nash turned 2, he would only speak using a voice that was a mix of Cookie Monster and Christian Bale's Batman voice when making requests.

12.  Nash is not lacking confidence. Calvin was using the low to the ground urinal for little kids so Nash walks over to the adult one saying, "Papa, should I just use this one?" The lip of the urinal went to his sternum.

13.  Nash will walk up to a 45 pound rock and flex in preparation for picking up the rock while saying, "I'M STRONG LIKE A T-REX!" He'll grunt while trying for over 7 seconds to pick it up. He'll stand up and growl, "I'M STRONG LIKE A T-REX" again as if he just successfully completed a dead lift of the rock.

14.  There was a two week period when Nash's go to dance move was just him leaning really far back like this.

15.  Nash loves the idea of Santa Claus.

He talks about Christmas and Santa almost every single day. We couldn't even get him this close to Santa this year.

16.  Nash beats Cerise at her own psychological games:

Cerise: "You guys better be good because Santa brings presents to kids who are being good and rocks to kids who are being bad!"

Nash:  "Oooo, I like rocks! Can he bring small shiny ones?"

Cerise:  "No, he only brings big, ugly ones."

Nash:  "I like those ones too!"

17.  Nash loved walking Calvin to pre-school in San Clemente.

18.  Nash had a really hard time the first day that Calvin took the bus to his new school.

19.  Nash did two handed peace signs from when he was a baby until about three weeks ago.

20.  Nash can and does fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.


21.  Nash was so excited when we got sleeping bags for him and Calvin that he got naked and stayed in the sleeping bag for hours. He wouldn't get out of it for FHE and when it was his turn to pray, he just stood up and prayed holding up his sleeping bag.

22.  Nash's memory is scary sometimes. Cerise's gramma from Japan stayed with us when Nash was 13 months old. When Nash was 27 months, Cerise pulled out for the first time in 14 months the slippers that her Obaachan (grandmother in Japanese) had worn inside our house. As soon as Nash saw them he said, "Obaachan's slippers!" We thought this was a coincidence until these kinds of things started happening all the time and putting me and Cerise on notice to watch ourselves.

23.  Nash drinks anywhere from 3 to 4 gallons of milk in a week. He doesn't call it "Milk". He calls it "Nash's milk."

24.  Nash really wants to be 8 years old and talks about it all the time.

"Papa, after 2, I wanna be 8."
"But Nash, after two you will be three."
"Okay..." (Dejected) "..Then after 3 I can be 8!"
"No, after 3 you have to be 4"
"Okay papa..." (really sad)

25.  Nash is breaking out of his shell more and more. The other day at Autozone Nash walked up to the 24 year old Philippino cashier and said, "Hey! It's me! NASH!"

26.  Nash loves cereal, but he has to eat it dry in a bowl and separately wash it down with milk.

27.  Nash is obsessed with dinosaurs. His favorite is the Stegosaurus and he loves classifying dinosaurs as Theropods or Sauropods.

28.  There was a 2-3 week period when Nash referred to himself in third person as "Bryce" or "Ken". He had never met anyone named Bryce or Ken at this point. "Momma, Bryce wants milk!"

29.  Nash says stuff like this all the time:

"Mama, I'm not kicking people. I'm being nice - like the Nephites."

30.  "Hey Mama, Baby Jay (Jay Swift Baker) LOOOOVES DOLPHINS!!!" I confirmed with Bret. Jay doesn't care about dolphins.

31.  Nash loves talking about Jesus. He sometimes leans over to me during Sacrament Meeting at church really close into my ear and will whisper in the most breathy, ear ticklish way possible, "We're gonna take the Sacrament. Jesus Christ died for us."

Motherboy and Cerise on a hike while Calvin and I were respectively at school and work.

32.  I spit during our walk last week and Nash asked me, "Papa, are you going shi-shi from your mouth?" (shi-shi is Japanese for "peepee")

33.  Nash was worried about Calvin when Calvin had his most recent seizure so he brought Calvin's favorite toys and put them right next to him.

34.  Nash won't admit that he misses me. He will scream excitedly when I get home and then say, "PAPA! CALVIN MISSED YOU!!!!!" One time Nash told Cerise, "I miss Papa." Cerise told him that he should tell me that, but he responded, "NO WAY!"

35.  Nash gets cocky sometimes while playing Memory and grabs two cards and puts them in his pile without flipping them over when he knows they're a match.

36.  I liked the sound of the name Nash from Nash Skateboards when I was young. Cerise was only willing to name one of our boys Nash if he had lighter hair. When we were pregnant with Calvin, she said she could only picture a dark-haired Calvin and a light-haired Nash. To me it's a miracle that Nash is a little Asian blonde kid!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nash Can Sleep

Nash slept 23 hours a day for the first 5 days after he was born. We were concerned and performed research to figure out if this was within the realm of normalcy. This was just our introduction to Nash's abilities.
Nash can sleep under the seat as the perfect carry-on.

Nash can disappear and fall asleep under a table at a wedding reception.

Nash can sleep with dress socks.

Nash can sleep in Japanese "jinbae" pajamas.

Nash takes notes on Yoshibaby's carseat sleeping abilities.

Nash can drink water in his sleep.

Nash can sleep through IV changes.

Nash can disappear and fall asleep on dirty kitchen mats.

Nash can sleep while sleep kicking Calvin in the crotch.

Nash can sleep with his foot in my face. (One of his go-to's.)

Nash can sleep anywhere on a plane. The floor is newly added to his repertoire. His standard go-to is sleeping wherever Cerise is trying to be comfortable.

Nash can dress up like Spiderman and fall asleep on couch arm rests.
Nash can scream himself to sleep on tile by the door when Cerise drops him off at Aunt Elisabeth's house. (Sorry Jaren and Elisabeth)

Nash can sleep on bean bags... while sweating profusely. (Sorry Jaren and Elisabeth)

Nash can sleep through Cerise trying to wake him up so we can get discharged from the hospital.

Nash can giggle really loudly and then pretend to sleep when I come in to check in on him and Yoshibaby. Come on Nash, nobody sleeps with their arm behind their back like that.

Actually, Nash can sleep with his arm behind his back like that.

Nash sometimes tries to sleep in department stores.

Nash can sleep in the car and wake up with Flock of Seagulls bedhead with a little help from his beanie.
Nash can sleep in the living room after church with Calvin loudly dancing around.

Nash can sleep wearing stripes on stripes.

Nash can sleep perpendicularly with covers.

Nash can sleep perpendicularly without covers.

Yoshibaby has mastered the art of "Little Big Spoon". Nash is not there yet.

Nash can disappear, pull all of my t-shirts out of my drawer, and fall asleep on his newly made bed.

We'll just be hanging out as a family and Nash will disappear and fall asleep somewhere. Sometimes he actually just gets into his real bed by himself mid-hang out. Keep in mind that we put our kids to bed at 8pm so he will do this at like 7:15pm.

Nash is really considerate. He can let you sleep on your back when he rests his leg on you.

He can let you sleep on your right side when he rests his leg on you.

He can let you sleep on your left side when he rests his leg on you.

You can have his left leg on you however is good for you.

Nash can fall asleep leaning against a chair. This acts as his power nap station.

Nash prefers enclosed spaces during the winter.