Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Pictures

We created a little human! We are really stoked to finally have him around. His name is Calvin Yoshikazu Markham.

Cerise was in labor for 15 hours in total. She was dilated to 10 cm's, but his head was 13.5 cm's. He came out RIGHT after the doctor performed the episiotomy. 

Labor and delivery went pretty well. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice, but the doctor took care of it very smoothly. I never had to worry about it because the problem was solved before I even had time to realize there was a problem.

Live birth. You can't unsee that.

Doesn't he kinda look like a quarter asian baby version of Russell Westbrook in this picture? Yeah? No? Okay.

He was waaaay bigger looking than we expected! I still can't believe our little monster could fit in cerise's stomach. So crazy. 8 pounds 6 ounces. 21 inches long.

I think this picture just about sums up the difference between motherhood and grandmotherhood.

Gramma Markham!

Greg vying for favorite uncle... since I can't be the favorite uncle to my own kid. We'll see how it goes.


One day after the miracle of birth. Total babe.

There is no such thing as privacy for moms in the hospital. One of the nurses was talking to Cerise before we left and she looked down and said, "You have OODLES of milk in there!"  She then squeezed Cerise until milk started coming out.

It feels sooooo natural having Calvin around. It's like there's another person joining the markham party.

First night home

Obaa-chan (Gramma Buck) came for almost a week and helped out with Calvin. She made some awesome meals and dominated the laundry and cleaning. 


So stoked to finally have my little guy

Calvin likes lying on the bed between us and listening to us talk. Sometimes he will cry until we lay him down by us and then he will just relax.

Calvin's first gift from Uncle Sam. No, really, a gift from Cerise's younger brother Samuel on a mission in Japan.

This is when we came to the awesome realization that half of his crib can be used for baby stuff storage/changing station for a while.

When Cerise looks at Calvin after feeding him and says, "Do you want me to burp you or do you want daddy to burp you?" ... this is usually code for "Lynn, burp him." 

Grampa Markham

Feed, burp, change diaper, sleep, practice dribbling through his legs, repeat.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pregnancy Pictures

Pregnancy hasn't been too bad. My energy has been great, no stretch marks, and I've only gained like ten pounds. Oh, for cerise? Yeah, she's ready to not feel fat all the time. I think she's a cute pregnant lady. Here are some pictures I have taken of her even though 40% of the time she says stuff like, "Hey, I feel fat. Stop taking pictures of me. HOW DO FAT PEOPLE DO THIS??"   (these pictures aren't necessarily in order chronologically)

pregnant cerise

pregnant cerise wearing my Dokdo t-shirt

pregnant cerise thinking about what to make for dinner: cereal or tortilla chips

pregnant cerise slightly annoyed (probably about me taking this picture)

pregnant cerise at the beach

pregnant cerise in a parking garage

pregnant cerise still in a parking garage

pregnant cerise in apartment parking lot

pregnant cerise in chik-fil-a parking lot

pregnant cerise holding a grocery bag

pregnant cerise not standing in a parking lot

pregnant cerise posing

pregnant cerise hit by surprisingly cold ocean water in Mexico

pregnant cerise holding her pregnant belly

pregnant cerise in a boat

pregnant cerise without a life jacket

pregnant cerise sitting on a colorful bench

pregnant cerise reading on the plane

pregnant cerise trying to cheer me up after the lakers' game 3 loss with some amazing japanese food made by koreans

Thursday, May 5, 2011


drum roll.....tada! please welcome lynn and cerise to the world of blogging. we figure there's no better time than now to start, since with the baby coming, we'll actually have something to document. I don't know how often we'll actually update, but we finally took the first step.

Life right now is as good as it gets- both of us working, Cerise 39 weeks along, and Lynn studying for the CPA after his first busy season with PwC. We are anxiously awaiting the (hopefully relatively easy going) debut of Calvin Yoshikazu Markham. Or if Lynn has his way, Nash Magic Markham.

By the way, happy cinco de mayo!