Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Momma talks in her sleep

Cerise falls asleep as soon as she puts her head down. She is like a girl version of my cousin marcus when it comes to falling asleep. If I have to study late, she likes when I study in our bedroom because she doesn't like going to bed alone. So while I'm up late studying for midterms, finals, or CPA exams I'll hear her just start talking in her sleep. I usually just respond like what she's saying makes complete sense and then I type our conversations in a word document on my laptop. I ended up with like 7 of these word docs so I figured this would be a good place to organize them. These aren't supposed to be clever or funny, they're just things she has said in her sleep.

 “Exactly a dollar.”

“Thanks for letting us use your scripture stand.”
1/1/2010, 12:21am

“I liked that email.”
1/1/2010, 12:25am

“I don’t know how I’m going to get the mattress to go home.”
2/17/2010, 12:43am

Plane to Japan

“I’m just paranoid with all the alligators in my bed.”
3/9/2010, 2:12am

Cerise: Does it matter with the total number of outs and steals?
Lynn: Honey, are you dreaming about baseball?
Cerise: You’re the one who told me to make sure we are praying for baseball. Geez, your prayers are so freaking long.
10/22/2010, 2:08am (during baseball playoffs)

Train in Japan

Cerise: How much debt are you holding?
Lynn: What debt are you talking about?
Cerise: The wife of the president of the county.
10/23/2010, 12:51am

"That’s a really good option. It would be nice to have all those benches. There would be one for every freeway exit. You’d walk out your front door and be like, 'Oh, here it is.'” 
11/16/2010 11:16pm

I knew those pets were coming.
Who told you?
11/23/2010 (Natalie is cerise’s cousin)

Is there like some way that you can save a process, mark?
If at work if you could organize things into accounts because it would help save time.
Like if you could save it so like “this is what we did last time with our G7000!”
1/23/2011 (Mark is cerise's boss)

Bus in Korea. Not quite asleep.

C:  When we have the newborn and he gets his own advisers…(20 second pause)
L:  When is he getting the advisers?
C:  Well they had some old names, but it’s crazy
L:  Wait, who is getting the advisers?
C:  Just people who had old accounts
L:  So just the people with old accounts are getting advisers?
C:  Yeah, just the people who had accounts from 2005-2008.
L:  How much does it cost to get an adviser?
C:  I don’t know. I’m surprised they got advisers, it should have just come with their account.
L:  How long will they need advisors?
C:  They’re okay now. They’re just helping with the food. It’s okay.
L:  What kind of food are they helping out with?
C:  Normal food. You have to see if they have any extra food.
L:  Are the advisers like caterers?
C:  No. Essentially, the advisers are people who advise. Stop typing honey. Are you just writing what I’m saying?
2/20/2011 12:14am

Bus in Korea. Asleep.

"Then the good would be outweighed by the bad."
2/25/2011 12:57am 

"What’s that sound? It sounds like a T-shirt."

This is similar to the kind of look she has when she says this stuff

Cerise:  At this time it was a german based insurance so it would make sense for him to be European based instead of asian.
Lynn:  so he’s German?
Cerise:  yep, except he’s Japanese
Lynn:  so what’s the deal with the insurance?
Cerise:  They don’t want to bill anything that’s like... uggh, what is wrong with you. You’re asking all these questions when you never cared before. Basically the lady couldn’t get the authorities to cover any of her expenses before, but now they’re willing to cover them until august.
Lynn:  So they’re covering her expenses until august?
Cerise:  Yeah.
Lynn:  What kind of expenses does she need covered?
Cerise:  I dunno, why? Why? (annoyed)
Lynn:  I was just wondering what kind of insurance she has.
Cerise:  The same as me.
Lynn:  I love you honey.
Cerise:  I love you too. You’re just asking so many hard questions.
2/18/2011  12:07am