Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween 2011

This post is a little late seeing how Thanksgiving is this week. 

This Halloween was Calvin's first.  And sadly, Lynn was in Hawaii for work, so we had separate Halloween activities. 
 Looking back at the last couple years, our costumes have always been thrown together last minute by whatever we had around the house.

One year we were Lakers' fans.

Another year, I threw a glittery scarf around my head and tried to pull off being Arabian royalty. 
Same year,
Lynn+black clothes+white chalk+leaves pinned to his body=wind. 

I wish we had a picture of that halloween.

This year,  Calvin and I went to the ward trunk or treat.  I cheated as usual and put on a Japanese yukata (summer kimono) and calvin went as Domo.
 Domo is a japanese character quickly becoming popular in america.  He started off as a mascot to NHK a japanese tv station. Not unlike the peacock for NBC.  He became so popular he now has his own TV show; but is better known here as a teenage clothing fad.

Meanwhile, Lynn was celebrating Halloween with his co-workers in Hawaii.
Angry Birds!   Lynn is a gangsta bird?
One of the girls' mom is a seamstress!  She made those costumes so they didn't have the spend $60!Amazing. 

Anyway, maybe next year we'll have matching costumes and look super cute. 
I've always wanted to be chun-li (from street fighter) for halloween.
But since I'm not under the age of 10, guess I'll have to think of something else.

Happy Thanksgiving! We're excited everyone's coming down to Huntington Beach this year! It'll be a party.  I am thankful for my family. -Cerise

Sunday, November 6, 2011

White Men Can't Jump

It's crazy to think that 6 months ago we were here.

And now he's a little human jumping himself to sleep.

The first thing I thought of when I saw him crashed out.