Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pictures of Calvin Yoshikazu Markham

"The Kazu" is a one button baby. What we mean by this is that when he's two months old wearing something for 3 month old kids... he can fit into it as long as we just button the middle button... and then shimmy the thing past his fat roll in his elbow joint to get it off. This dude can eat.

We are trying to teach him that it's rude to take somebody else's nose and then fall asleep before giving it back, but he just still really seems to like sleeping in the "I've got your nose" position.

Even though it kinda looks like Cerise is flashing "westside" with her right hand and "crips" with her left hand... this is incidental. She is not actually in a gang anymore.

Love this guy.

I think we have a pretty good idea of what his "embarrassed of his parents in front of his friends" look might be like.

Calvin realizing that he is not eating or moving around.

He's got the double chin and receding hairline of a 40 year old man.

Coming home to this is the best thing that's happened to me since the pau gasol trade of 2008.

Love this little dude.

This little grin makes everything almost worth it...

Just kidding about the almost worth it thing. It's freaking amazing having this little guy around. Life changing in the best ways possible.