Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

We made Christmas cards for the first time ever. We hope to send out Christmas cards for the first time ever next year. Since my birthday is January 1st, I asked Cerise if we could have Happy New Year on the back. 

I asked if we could make it a Where's Waldo Happy New Year and she said no. Then I reminded her how great the Where's Waldo at the beach was and so she agreed. I think she mainly agreed knowing we weren't going to actually send them out this year. S'all good. 

My wife is a babe and I have two healthy children. Couldn't be more stoked. Much love to our friends and family during the holidays.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We gave Yoshibaby his first major haircut. Cerise has trimmed his hair in the past, but he has been growing his baby hair mop for a while now. We wanted to grow it out past the awkward phase, but we decided to just cut it down before growing it out again.

Cutting a baby/toddler's hair is challenging. He stabbed his toy shark with a comb for 15 minutes straight and that helped, but little man gets wiggly. If anyone has any pointers about cutting the hair of small humans, we are all ears.

Have you seen a cuter kid with the back hair of a 43 year old Serbian man?

Back hair that would make even Grampa Markham jealous.


Like I said, little man gets wiggly.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby Momma Still Talks in Her Sleep

Like I mentioned last time, these aren't supposed to be clever or funny. They are just things my wife has said in her sleep. 

(Please note that when she is saying these things she sounds very serious, convincing, and sometimes very angry at me as designated by the ALL CAPS.)

L:  Hey honey, should we move him to the crib?
November 7, 2011 11:28pm

C:  Hey Lynn, can you take Ephraim ferocious to the DAT? (Ephraim is Cerise's brother who works in IT)
L:  The DAT? like the dental test?
C:  Mm hmm.
L:  So ephraim's going into dentistry?
December 31, 2011 1:24am

Our son Calvin talks in his sleep like his momma. At 7 months when his only words were "Up" and "Bob":
“Up up up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up up up. Up Up.” 
January 1, 2012 9:27pm

“Is it ferree's birthday today? Is it july 31st?” (Ferree is Cerise's sister, and her birthday is January 20)
February 4, 2012 12:58am

Cerise, not asleep (Japan, May 2012)

C:  Hey honey, is the stadio going to be done in 24 hours?
L:  Stadio? Do you mean stadium?
C:  Yeah, stadium. That big thing.
March 7, 2012 11:25pm

C:  Honey you're the best. Sorry I was being so grumpy earlier.
L:  When were you being grumpy?
C:  When you were taking off the cardigan.
March 8, 2012 1:18am

C:  I guess. I guess so.
L:  You guess what honey?
C:  Lots of bubbles.
March 14, 2012 12:28am

C:  Suntaaaan. Suntan. Santanna. He's going to take our washing.
L:  What else is he going to take?
C:  I don't know what else he will take. Maybe our laundry.
March 21, 2012 12:57am

Cerise, asleep

L:  Honey, why are you sleeping like that? It looks uncomfortable.

C:  Because I solved them already.
L:  What did you solve?
C:  I solved the cases.
L:  Which cases?
C:  The one with the ring. All the mysteries.  
(We had just watched the psych episode where the 5 million dollar ring gets stolen by the groom’s sister)
March 24, 2012 11:10pm

C:  Man, back to real life, ya know?
L:  Back to real life?
C:  Yeah, back to real life.
L:  What are you dreaming about honey?
C:  Kids. And having zebras.
April 4, 2012 11:08pm

It's nice with my phone because now I can email myself with the subject "Cerise talking in her sleep" from my phone whenever Cerise starts talking. Very convenient and organized.

Cerise and I threw a Sushi/Korean BBQ party for my family. Cerise was up late after everyone left since she had to give a talk at 9am the next day at church. She is terrible at staying up to do things like that so I had to badger her every time I saw her dozing off:

L:  Honey, what are you thinking about?
C:  Bread. I was thinking about bread. Have you seen the picture of the lunch chicken that's like a pink paste. I was thinking about that and how it looks like bread.

(5 minutes later)

L:  Honey, what are you doing??
C:  White House. I was thinking about the White House and how much it would cost if you wanted to rent out a room there.

(4 minutes later)

L:  What are you thinking about right now?
C:  Baths. Roman baths.

(8 minutes later)

L:  Honey, you need to wake up.
C:  Yeah, I know. I was just thinking about how people can decorate cupcakes so delicately on the top sometimes.
April 5, 2012 11:41pm

Cerise falls partially asleep mid-sentence sometimes:

L:  Honey, I think it's your turn actually.
C:  No, I prayed last night. Remember? 'Cuz I tried to keep the cats from running. And the cat looked like a really weird cartoon head, with like the hair.
L:  Cats?
C:  Yeah, it was something about Mitt Romney and his hair looked like a cat. 'Cuz when we prayed last night you kept getting distracted and quiet.
April 24, 2012 11:26pm
(Cerise left the door open that morning as she came back inside to grab her phone. A cat walked into our house and surprised both of us.)

Cerise, 6 months pregnant with Calvin (Newport Beach, Feb 2011)

“The Magic School Bus going to different, like, eco systems.”
May 6, 2012 9:30pm

C:  (Tons of random japanese)
L:  I don’t understand Japanese. What are you saying, babe?
C:  What I'm going to see when I print all this out. Right now I don't see anything.
May 6, 2012 9:53pm

“I hope all of the instructions and everything is a lot cheaper. There's a lot of training.”
May 6, 2012 10:12pm

C:  I was wondering about all of those payments.
L:  Which payments?
C:  Life ins... not your life insurance but your chinese people.
L:  Chinese people?
C:  Mm hmm.
L:  Which chinese people?
May 6, 2012 10:16pm

C:  The insurance caught load.
L:  What do you mean honey?
C:  The actual saying is a little cheaper, so that's nice, but the insurance doesn't actually carry it.
L:  The insurance caught load?
C:  I was just saying it’s cheaper. You get more money if you're older or if you're younger.
May 6, 2012 10:25pm

“The seatbelt seat looks soooo comfortable.
May 12, 2012 12:42am

C:  Signing up for the blues. And baseball.
L:  What?
C:  Mm hmm.
May 17, 2012 11:49pm

C:   Are you mixing and matching? With the door sales. With all of the treats and stuff.
L:   Mixing and matching?
C:  The sign on the door says mixing and matching.. getting treats while you study. (5 second pause) Are you quoting this? I'm making perfect sense. Stop it. I'm not that asleep.
July 8, 2012 12:32am

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A few gems from watching the Lakers-Wolves game with Cerise and my mom

Left: Kevin Love, Right: Nikola Pekovic
Cerise:  Kevin Love is soooo ugly!

Me:  He's not that ugly.

Cerise:  Okay, maybe he's just ugly sometimes.

Me:  Honey, I'm pretty sure you think Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic are the same person.

Cerise:  Wait, the timberwolves have two huge bearded white guys??

"Let's face it. Luke Walton was lucky to make the pros." -Mom

"Really? You think odom and fisher will want to go to the heat? Not to the kings to help Jimmer?" -Mom (before fisher signed with the thunder)

"If you saw Matt Barnes on the street, you'd think he was a gang banger from Santa Ana." -Mom

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why we're stoked for 2012: Japan Trip

Cerise and her grandma on the bullet train from Tokyo to Yamagata in August 2010

We are going to Japan! Again! We told ourselves in the Summer of 2010 that our trip to Japan and Korea would be our last time doing serious traveling for a long time. It was our planned last hurrah before having kids.

Cerise's Obaachan (grandma) has been taking "Internet Classes" and they've been Skyping ever since class #7 when she learned how to connect to the Internet. Cerise and I would pay money to see what classes 1 through 6 were like.

But now we have more excuses to travel. We saved up and we want Cerise's grandma to be able to meet her great-grandson. Realistically it's not going to happen if we have two kids and we definitely don't want to make this trip while Cerise is pregnant.

Cerise's brother Samuel serving an LDS mission in the Japan Tokyo Mission. This is him teaching English class in Tokyo. He is a bad speller and he says his students correct his spelling on a weekly basis when he writes on the board. He then explains to them, "I went to high school in Georgia."
Also, Cerise's younger brother Samuel finishes his mission at the beginning of June. So we're using most of our vacation days to go to Japan for two weeks to visit grandma and pick up Samuel from his mission. This is going to be aaawesome.

calvin meeting obaachan from The Markhams on Vimeo.

Video above: Little man meeting great grandma for the first time on skype. (The best is how cerise's grandma doesn't realize that her skype is programmed to start up whenever she turns on her computer. It's magical to her that Cerise just has a knack for knowing exactly when she sits down at her computer. She will say things like, "Wow! I just got on my computer and then you appeared! How did you know I was here?")

Video below:  I love this video. I can't promise that it won't induce a seizure, but it definitely pumps you up for travel in Japan. You might need to pause it a few times. Nicely done though, Eric Testroete.

This is Japan! from Eric Testroete on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Putting the Ache in Must'ache

Yep, I grew a mustache for "Movember" like everyone else. My firm held a mustache contest for all the associates in California, Arizona, and Nevada... and I got second place! Second the best, baby. I lost to a friend who can grow a Tom Selleck-esque 'stache in four days so I felt pretty good about the whole thing.

I'm pretty sure I couldn't grow a serious mustache until my son was born. I think it might be a dad thing. I've also started eating grape nuts for breakfast and using sensodyne toothpaste. Just kidding... no, but seriously.

I still can't figure out why Cerise boycotted sending out Christmas cards this year. hahahaha

Unfortunately, Cerise was serious when she told me she wouldn't make out with me until I shaved it off because it was too scratchy. Dang man. Well, it was great while it lasted. At least I helped my son learn early that he's got a bright mustache future ahead of him.

The Revolutionary

The Used Car Salesman

The Detective

The Sheriff