Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Date to Newport Beach

Our firm got Friday off so Cerise took the day off as well to hang out as a family. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said, "Well, first we could go to Baby H&M..." When you do accounting stuff all day you kinda daydream about doing something a little more epic with your time off like driving up the coast to camp at Big Sur for the night, but Baby H&M was my second thing that came to mind. Also, if you blur your eyes a little it kinda looks like he's wearing a joke mullett wig.

Can you guess where we are based on the weirdly distressed chairs?

Cafe Rio! You probably guessed it right if you're Mormon since Cafe Rio is an amazing cafeteria style Mexican restaurant chain that started in Utah. This location is in Costa Mesa and if you've never been there make sure you go try it out. The sweet pork will blow your freaking mind.

Calvin loved watching the Seagulls. They were the first birds he'd ever seen.

Cerise loved looking at my un-looped Member's Only jacket strap and not telling me about it. Awesome.

Calvin loved watching the huge bubbles created by this really nice old guy. We didn't realize until after a few bubbles that he had a thing on the ground for money. We would have totally given him a dollar or two, but we didn't have any cash on us so we left before it got to "You guys better pay for all of these bubbles" time. 


Cerise was trying to get a picture of me having Calvin burst the bubble by kicking it before it hit the ground. The camera phone is delayed so you have snap it a second before you want it to take the photo. So instead, it looks like I'm one of those football dads who is trying to force his 16 week old kid to walk so he can learn how to run and hit even sooner. Wait, it doesn't look like the football dad? Just a cute dad and balding son picture?

He loves Cerise so much. A lot of times he will just start giggling when she comes into view. At this stage of his life, she is better than me at getting him to laugh. I guess babies' senses of humor aren't really developed by 16 weeks...

I can't believe this guy is 16 weeks old. He just came out of his food coma (temporary sleep after breastfeeding) and he's grabbing my arm hair and smiling as I type with one hand. Life is awesome.