Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We gave Yoshibaby his first major haircut. Cerise has trimmed his hair in the past, but he has been growing his baby hair mop for a while now. We wanted to grow it out past the awkward phase, but we decided to just cut it down before growing it out again.

Cutting a baby/toddler's hair is challenging. He stabbed his toy shark with a comb for 15 minutes straight and that helped, but little man gets wiggly. If anyone has any pointers about cutting the hair of small humans, we are all ears.

Have you seen a cuter kid with the back hair of a 43 year old Serbian man?

Back hair that would make even Grampa Markham jealous.


Like I said, little man gets wiggly.


  1. those faces he makes are amazing. what a cute boy!

  2. When Calvin was this age, I used to put his high chair in front of the sink and let him play with water.